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Kay and Blemah

Family Reviews

"I learned through Kay and her training that even though a person with Alzheimer's is not able to carry on responsibilities, they can enjoy and get value out of some things like folding material and doing things that she used to do. This brought to us a new possibility that while we cannot say she is going to have a happy life because she does not have good recall, we are intent on the moment by moment experience for her to have the best life possible."
Judith, Toronto

Caregiver Reviews

"Compared to other agencies, Mavencare actually briefs and gives me the whole careplan into full details... The team keeps me feeling like an employee, a team member... It makes you feel like you have a reason to go to work. You are a part of the team and you don't want to let them down."
Kay, Toronto

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"When our family was suddenly faced with so many unknowns around our Mom's inability to cope with day to day living due to her memory being affected, finding Mavencare felt like a breath of fresh air in the world of dementia nurses, doctors, government systems and caregivers. There are so many agencies to choose from. It was a bit overwhelming. This undertaking was a huge learning curve for us, as a family, as well as our Mom. Being a Canadian based company, with affordable rates, quick last minute placements until a fit is found, dementia therapy; just a few of many advantages working together with Mavencare. Staff are friendly, caring, compassionate, experienced and quick to answer back with any concerns or questions we have had along the way. We are very happy with Liza, our caregiver for our Mom, whom was placed very last minute allowing me to return home to BC feeling at peace that Mom was in good hands. We are all working together to keep our Mom in her home, happy, healthy and safe for as long as possible. Thank you James, Jess and Liza."


"I want to thank Mavencare for their professionalism, accessibility, honesty and incredibly high quality of service. Everyone at Mavencare, including Jamie, Jess and, of course, Alma, supported my dad with love and compassion while he was in the hospital. I can't thank Mavencare enough and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for care."

Brenda D.

"Truly we don't know what we would have done without Mavencare. We were out of the country and our mother had to get to the hospital fast. Within an hour, Mavencare arranged a caregiver to go with our mom in the ambulance and stay with her until we arrived. Amazing!"


"I would be lost without Mavencare; it is difficult being so far away. It makes me realize how lucky I am to find caregivers with so much sympathy towards my family."


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"I love working for Mavencare because there is something very different and special with this company. They truly care for the clients as if these clients are their family. As a staff member, I feel like a part of the company. Mavencare is full of compassion, love, and truly cares for their clients and staff. The support staff at Mavencare is very professional and truly makes me feel like a part of the process of giving care to our clients. They give you great updates on clients and you can see that they truly are supporting us in the field as a personal support worker. I personally feel very safe and secure working with such a committed staff. I have never worked with other agencies but I have heard stories, because Mavencare is my first Agency experience, it is going to be very hard for me to work at other agencies. I am now used to professionalism, integrity, and just an environment that is so family orientated. Mavencare is a fantastic company and I feel blessed to be apart of this. I am anticipating great things in this company."

Petula T.
Toronto, Ontario

"My experience of working with Mavencare has been nothing but exceptional. I have had the chance to work with amazing families that have welcomed me with open arms. I love each day working as a PSW, each opportunity to learn, each opportunity to love. The Mavencare team is so supportive, very organized and highly skilled. This is definitely the best organization I have ever worked for, it's more like having many families and less like having a 'job'!"

Emslie P.
Toronto, ONTARIO

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