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Service Areas in Manhattan

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, Nearby Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide home care in the surrounding areas of Manhattan?
Absolutely! Give us a call at 646-887-2333 and let us know which area you would like to receive care in.
Are your rates the same in all areas?
No, our rates are different depending on the area you are in. Please call 646-887-2333 or click here to get a rate for your needs.
Do you have offices in each area?
Our office is in Manhattan. We are currently in the process of opening new offices.
Do I have to visit your office to book home care?
No, you do not have to visit our office to book our services. You can get started by filling out our form here or by calling us at 646-887-2333.

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