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Kay and Blemah

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Thank you so much for all your stellar care and support. Everyone was wonderful. Thanks to Christopher for all his kind words, and to the other coordinators who worked so hard to find people to cover all the shifts. Thank you all the caregivers! Your kindness made Mom’s experience so much better. We appreciate all you do every day.


Pros: I have been with this agency for over a year. Being in this field for 25 years,working with agencies in Canada and U.S.A., Mavencare has been the best. They have the best coordinator. They make each worker feel important and wanted just like they make the clients feel. Cons: Not the best salary.


I've been working with Mavencare for some time now and it has to by far the best home care service agency I have worked for. What makes Mavencare different from other health care services is the mobile app, hence why the agency is called "Connected Home Care". With this app, the caregivers are able to check in and out at the clients house as it is GPS monitored so the caregivers and families are all connected. Additionally, with the app, you have full access to choose your clients, manage availability, set your hours and schedule -Flexibility is key with Mavencare. Nonetheless, the staff at Mavencare are one of the hardest working individuals I have met. Everyone is connected via the mobile app, phone, and email. Additionally, the support staff is available 24 hours to help you!

Family Reviews

"I learned through Kay and her training that even though a person with Alzheimer's is not able to carry on responsibilities, they can enjoy and get value out of some things like folding material and doing things that she used to do. This brought to us a new possibility that while we cannot say she is going to have a happy life because she does not have good recall, we are intent on the moment by moment experience for her to have the best life possible."
Judith, Toronto

Caregiver Reviews

"Compared to other agencies, Mavencare actually briefs and gives me the whole careplan into full details... The team keeps me feeling like an employee, a team member... It makes you feel like you have a reason to go to work. You are a part of the team and you don't want to let them down."
Kay, Toronto

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"Mavencare has been incredible with my dad. I was so lost when I found out he had dementia and I didn’t know what to do. It was a devastating feeling… I called around to see what my options were. Most companies were very pushy during calls and I couldn’t trust them with my dad… I mean who would when you know they are in it just for the money? Then one day, I saw their article on my facebook that my friend shared and I decided to give them a call. James, one of the co founders of the company answered my call and he was so understanding, it felt like I was sharing my feelings with a friend. He ensured me he’ll find the best possible caregiver for my father and sent me a few articles to read in the meantime so I could learn more about dementia. After a few days, he called me and told me that he found the perfect person for my dad. Apparently he entered my dad’s interests and hobbies into their system and matched the information Mavencare caregivers to find someone most likely to get along with my father. At first, it seemed too good to be true… but now Peter has become a trusted member of our family. He takes my father to doctor’s appointments, prepares meals for him, and plays mentally stimulating games with him to keep him engaged. I don’t know what we would have done without Mavencare!"

Celestia J.

"We would like to thank Mavencare for their constant and reliable support and home care services. Our caregiver, Shelly, was very understanding, compassionate, and professional. Shelly made sure our mother was comfortable in her last days. Because of Shelly’s efforts and Mavencare’s constant support, we were able to spend some quality time with mom, which is something I’ll always cherish and remember."

Nicole B.

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"I love helping out people, so I love this part of my job at Mavencare. They also offer learning opportunities for free and discounted rates (depending on the type of class). The staff is very friendly, understanding, and professional. They always let me know everything I need to know about the client I am going to work for and I am always confident before I step inside their homes. I feel appreciated and the rewarding work gives me a feeling of accomplishment."

Sabrina S.

"I am amazed by their communication. Having worked for other companies and feeling like it took ages to receive a response is definitely something that seems exclusive to those companies now. Mavencare sends text messages and emails to notify me whenever there is a new position available and I am able to accept or decline from within the app. They are very flexible and they accommodate my needs."

Katherine H.

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