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Kay and Blemah

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Mavencare is a great company to work for. Their vision is not only to provide quality care and satisfaction to their clients, but also to be there for their employees.


Mavencare is a great company with a wonderful mission " giving the best satisfaction to the costumer and employee". Great place to work to grow your performance skills giving us the possibility to complete some courses online.They believe on their employees education goals. In Technology,wow best company ever. Mavencare has a great management team, especially Jésus Margelu a wonderful guy,very professional,very patient,very nice,very helpful,very understanding always doing his best to meet our needs (employees) to solve as soon as possible any issue for the best satisfaction for everyone (costumeco and employees). Mavencare has a super wonderful staff,very nice,very responsible,very professional checking on their employees to know how everything is going. They just surprised us sending a gift to thank us for giving our best to work every single day. Personally,in my career,is it the first time that's happened to me. It's mean a lot,the gesture. Thank you so much Mavencare. I am happy to work with Mavencare . I recommend Mavencare to all for work (great pay ), for your one love (you will be very satisfied with the best quality care),your family for the best ever satisfaction.


Absolutely wonderful company to work with and to get services from. I have been with them for the past eight months and the experience has been great!

Family Reviews

"I learned through Kay and her training that even though a person with Alzheimer's is not able to carry on responsibilities, they can enjoy and get value out of some things like folding material and doing things that she used to do. This brought to us a new possibility that while we cannot say she is going to have a happy life because she does not have good recall, we are intent on the moment by moment experience for her to have the best life possible."
Judith, Toronto

Caregiver Reviews

"Compared to other agencies, Mavencare actually briefs and gives me the whole careplan into full details... The team keeps me feeling like an employee, a team member... It makes you feel like you have a reason to go to work. You are a part of the team and you don't want to let them down."
Kay, Toronto

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"Your services were great! Jasmine was so kind and helpful. She learned quickly and took good care of me! Your follow up and customer service were excellent, my husband loved the app so he can follow along with the care while he was away on business! thanks again!"

Client, NYC

"We would like to thank Mavencare for their constant and reliable support and home care services. Our caregiver, Shelly, was very understanding, compassionate, and professional. Shelly made sure our mother was comfortable in her last days. Because of Shelly’s efforts and Mavencare’s constant support, we were able to spend some quality time with mom, which is something I’ll always cherish and remember."

Nicole B.

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"Mavencare provides a balanced outlook when it comes to senior care. I am never asked to work more than my capacity and I am matched with clients based on my personality so it is an easy transition when switching to different clients. The staff is very welcoming and the ability to be able to change my schedule and ability from within the app is awesome! "

Hailey W.

"It is my passion to provide care to the elderly. Having worked for a lot of companies in the past, it was very nice to see a company actually care about its employees and clients. The hiring process was very organized and thorough and I was made aware of the expectations and provided adequate training and instructions before getting assigned to a client. I constantly receive new learning material and I appreciate the quick responses when I need something answered."

Chris B.

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